Company Overview

Halo Systems provides design and consulting services in architectural acoustics, audio, video and lighting for most types of facilities including: universities and secondary schools (especially music facilities, practice rooms and other performances spaces), performing arts centers, houses of worship (churches), recording studios, conference centers, convention centers and exhibit halls, government buildings and many other types of commercial buildings.

We at Halo Systems specialize in any space that incorporates presentations and audiences of any kind, especially where the spoken word and speech intelligibility, or musical clarity and tonal richness is a priority. As a result, our designs do not take the traditional, run-of-the-mill approach of over-using acoustic foam dampening panels, acoustic diffusers, acoustic bass traps, or other excessive acoustic dampening or diffusion. Utilizing traditional applications usually results in overly acoustically “dry” spaces with very little life and warmth to them.

For nearly two decades Halo Systems has pioneered discoveries in room resonance, spatial harmonics, and spherical sound wave behavior, and is a global leader in the new field of HD-Acoustics. Our fully tunable acoustics lab provides excellent opportunities for ongoing research, even in the burgeoning segment of variable acoustics.

Along with aural acoustic optimization, especially as it relates to room resonance and maintaining a fully developed harmonic structure, Halo Systems also excels in mechanic energy analysis, soundproofing, building vibration isolation, and all other types of airborne noise control such as HVAC system design.

Halo Systems audio, video and lighting design services integrate the latest technology and products into live performance, recording, presentation, educational, and commercial applications. Our high standards drive us to find the best performing audio, video, and lighting components to fit any budget. The industry is full of options and Halo Systems makes sure that, no matter how large or small the space, our design will specifically meet all requirements while remaining flexible and stable into the future.

Halo Systems utilizes modern acoustical measurement equipment that allows us to perform acoustic surveys and analysis for any project. Our acoustic laboratory has several variable acoustic rooms which can be tuned to respond with incredible accuracy. Within these rooms we can test acoustical devices, experiment with the latest acoustical materials and create acoustical simulations and demonstrations for our clients.

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