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  • Recital Hall Acoustics Design


Whether it's a concert hall, worship center, educational facility or recording studio we will help you create an acoustical and visual environment that will captivate. Halo designed spaces are often referred to as having a warm, rich and full sound that is encapsulating and enveloping.

In addition to the turnkey solutions listed on our Services page, we provide creative solutions in the following areas -

  • Architectural Acoustic Design

  • Concert Hall Acoustics Optimization

  • Education Facility Acoustics

  • Recording Studio Design

  • Custom Acoustic Control Devices

  • Theater Sound Systems and Acoustics

  • Office Space Optimization

  • Soundproofing

  • Airborne Noise Control

  • Mechanical Vibration Isolation

Proper Acoustical design is the core element of every structure you build. At Halo Systems, we provide acoustical design services to architects, general contractors, engineers, and building owners for the most demanding spaces.

Achieving optimum acoustical results requires creative design ideas and decisions regarding the size and shape of a room and the materials to be used. You will achieve the best results if the Halo team gets involved at the conceptual design and pre-construction phases.

Our team of professionals will interface directly with you or your representative as often as needed to help you achieve your goals while providing you with integrated solutions to save you time and money and ensuring a space you can be proud of. 





Mobile Stage Panel System

A mobile stage panel system designed to dramatically improve the acoustics of any performance space,
with an ear towards todays underperforming multi-purpose rooms in our nations schools. Halo believes 
that the arts are very important for the development of our young people and the music programs deserve 
more of our attention.