Halo’s successful formula for building compelling acoustic solutions is based on the first-hand experience and knowledge of those that make up the unique Halo team – from award-winning musicians and highly skilled engineers, to acoustical designers that think beyond the everyday standard approaches.

For nearly two decades we have been passionately pursuing a deeper understanding of sound wave behavior and energy transfer dynamics in sound and acoustics – with the goal of achieving previously unimagined levels of fully immersive auditory experiences.    

We have spent many years of intensive effort studying instrument design and perfecting our understanding of how to apply these principles to room resonance and spatial acoustics. By focusing on how energy flows mechanically through masses, we have re-discovered what Antonio Stradivari did in the 17th century – natural, lightweight, properly treated materials, used in a careful, well planned manner produce a warm, clear, full spectrum, musical sound.  As a result we have come to understand the tonal importance and acoustical value of utilizing natural lightweight hardwoods like those used by the great instrument designers of the past, but instead of a single instrument we apply these principles to room acoustics. It’s not just about wood types, though. Understanding optimal treatment processes and proper use of these materials is key to achieving the phenomenal results we have come to expect from our work.

Our goal is to be to room acoustics what Stradivari was to instrument design. We work with our materials until they “sing” properly, providing a transparent, full spectrum response.

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