When you need a new or updated sound system we offer a wide variety of great products and services to fit your demands and budget. Whether you’re in need of a complex touring system or a minor upgrade to your stage monitor setup we can help you. We provide complete sound system design services and installation for your performance venue, worship center, recording studio or cinema.

First, we’ll sit down with you in order to determine your desires and goals. We pride ourselves in being able to work within your budget and still meet your expectations. We follow that meeting up with an intensive study of your venues’ acoustic performance which then gives us the information we need to engineer a sound system that will not only achieve your goals but hopefully exceed them and allow you room for future growth. 
The next step is audio gear procurement, scheduling and logistics, which the Halo team provides throughout the installation process.

Once the equipment and wiring is in place, we configure and test every piece of your system to insure the maximum level of performance for your unique space. We will work with the acoustic performance of your room and tune your system to achieve maximum results. Remember, we are acoustic specialists and we will be able to inform you of any issues relating to the acoustic performance of your venue and provide you with solutions you’ll be pleased with.

Halo Systems includes training as a standard part of our system design and installation services. So relax, we’ll instruct you on how to use all the bells and whistles on those shiny new pieces of equipment you just bought.

Halo Systems can provide you with complete design and install services for your recording studio. Weather you’re in need of a new micpre in the gear rack, an acoustic tuning or re-tune of your control room or a new construction studio project, we can help you get rolling.

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