AVA Automated Variable Acoustics

Our R&D processes have led us to ask ourselves the very same question over and over. With so many performances being forced to happen in “multi-purpose” spaces, how is the acoustic environment supposed to perform at a good level? It can’t be a good acoustic experience for more than one event type being held…. Basketball, Phys. ed. class, Theater, Parent/ Teacher Conference, Choral and Band concerts?

It’s not enough to just “kill” or dampen the room in order to eliminate the painful volume of echoes. For when we take that approach we then destroy the essence of the Concert Band performance. You just can’t have it both ways or good for all types of events… unless there were a way to create a variable environment where the acoustics of a room were able to change or morph enabling the room to be optimized acoustically for a specific event. But that sounds like it would be difficult for the end user to achieve. Well, what if you were able to push a single button and the acoustic properties of your room changed into a very controlled environment for a basketball or volleyball game? What if you push a different button and the same space was optimized for a choral performance? Too easy? Not now, with Halo Systems’ new AVA (Automated Variable Acoustics)  you can do just that and anyone on your staff can operate this incredible technology.


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